Pinot Gris from the Western Cape

Adam Mason Pinot Gris 2016

Colour – 
Medium straw yellow with green flecks.
Nose – 
Fruit salad, mainly green apples with a back note of pepper and a lick of sweetness.
Taste – 
This has a lovely body which is balanced by a clean medium acidity that perfectly entwines the fruit.
One of the characteristics I love about pinot gris is it’s body, it’s has that extra weight to it which can sometimes feel a bit greasy but when done right takes the texture of the wine to the next level. This Pinot Gris has some weight without the greasiness but I’d like it to have more.

However that been said, this one’s a quaffer to keep on hand this summer as it works on it’s own or with food. I’m giving it 3/5 as it was lacking that something extra for me – more fruit and more texture…

You can get this from Naked Wines – although you’ll need to sign up to their wine club so jump to their home page first to make sure this is for you. 

Price: £10.99 or £7.99 if you’re a Naked Wines Angel. 12.5% abv.

Pinot gris Adam MasonAdam Mason Point Gris back


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