Kiss me, for I have ginned

Kongsgaard Raw Gin 44%abv

From Denmark

The mix – 
60ml of Kongsgaard Raw Gin w/ 80ml of BTW (Bermondsey Tonic Water)
Nose – 
Lifted sweetly concentrated red apple, followed by sweet exotic aromas of ginger and cinnamon. All this is expertly backed up with juniper and other botanicals. Read Mr and Mrs Kongsgaard’s notes here. 
Taste – 
It’s so damn clean and smooth on the palate, and this is why I’m loving this gin, but there’s no compromise on the bitterness we expect from gin…it’s there and it’s in perfect harmony. Every ingredient shines through when it’s their turn… this is a story.
If the scent and the taste hasn’t sold you, I’m shit at this. But, I’ve tired gins with less abv (alcohol) than this and they’ve tasted harsh…this is a perfect marriage of all facets.

This is my new fav, hands down.

Thanks Graft Gin Club for sourcing this bad boy… and to the Kongsgaard’s for this deliverance to the next tier of gin. Prost, cheers, yamas!

Sign up for some ginning @ Craft Gin Club

KongsgaardCraft gin club pic




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